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The numbers show the dimensions of this enterprise. More than 15.000 m2 of constructed area divided in two different blocks:

Office building

Built in pyramidal shape with smoked glass facade.

2.000 m2 area with central air conditioning system in 8 floors assisted by a private elevator and heliport.

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The Venue

Made of three basic levels assisted by an elevator:

  • Ground level, with a parking lot for 150 vehicles
  • Stalls, with over 3.000 m2 area for the audience
  • Mezanino - camarotes

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Power supply

Audience and Mezzanino

  • Plans
    (click to download)

Direction: Alexandre Nogueira

e-mail: xandico@viafunchal.com.br



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  Main Lobby

The grandious main lobby leads to the stalls by two escalators able to transport 4.000 people per hour. Next to the it are the main bar, with capacity for 200 people, and the infirmary.

Ground Level:
  • On-site valet parking for 150 vehicles
  • Power generators
  • Carpentry area
  • Security plant
  • Kitchen
  • Depository and cool stores
  • Loading dock
  • Dock leveler (4000kg)

Intermediate Level:


Built in shape of an amphitheatre the stalls provide clear view of the stage from every point.

The stalls are versatile, allowing the use of tables, chairs or as a standing area, where the audience reaches its maximum capacity: 6.000 people.

The stalls floor is wood parquet.

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Stage facilities

  • 500m2 area
  • Stage floor adjustable in height
  • Ochestra pit for 80 musicians with hydraulic leveler system
  • Computerized flying system and lighting

  • Stage house 27m high
  • Depository and cool stores
  • Loading dock
  • Dock leveler (4000kg)

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Artist lounge and Support

  • 7 dressing rooms for up to 200 people (two with whirlpool bathtubs)
  • Wardrobe
  • Production Rooms
  • Make-up Rooms
  • Catering for 100 people
  • Tune-up and Rehearsal Rooms
  • Private Elevator

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Upper Level

  • VIP seats for up to 290 people
  • Balcony for up to 390 people

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