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  Ivete Sangalo
  Kid Abelha
  Tony Bennett
  Branca de Neve on ...

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The strategy of investing in entertainment projects in Brazil attains outstanding return on brand and company image because Brazilians never spent so much with entertainment and leisure activities as in the past few years.

The entertainment market shows one of the major growth potential and music halls produce moments of joy and relaxation, when people are more likely to retain brand communication.

Take this opportunity to invest in a major entertainment company of Sao Paulo: Via Funchal. We reach over 1 million people monthly due to an intense agenda filled up with high quality attractions.

The sponsor may segment its communication to specific audiences as the show styles are very diverse, helping on achieving penetration with the target segments (social class, age group, etc.). We organize large cultural productions:

  • Brazilian and international rock/pop shows
  • shows for the whole family
  • exclusive theater productions and musicals
  • regional, national and international tours
  • special mega events
  • events linked to sport activities
  • premières and opening ceremonies

We provide integrated solutions in entertainment communication to our clients, involving:

  • House sponsorship
  • Merchandise
  • Closed sessions for employees or guests
  • Private boxes for companies
  • Exclusivity on product sales
  • Sampling and tasting actions
  • Relationship marketing
  • Lectures, seminars or private events

Contact us and take advantage of this opportunity to carry out exclusive promotion within the Via Funchal shows during the whole year.

e-mail: grace@liveemotion.com.br
Telephone: (+55 -11) 3845-7303